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The Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is a 501(c)(3) research and education organization dedicated to the measured improvement in the quality of life, the degree of individual liberty, and opportunity for personal fulfillment for all Delawareans.

CRI seeks to become Delaware's preeminent non-partisan, free-market oriented think tank. The Caesar Rodney Institute's vision is to be the catalyst for improved performance, accountability, and efficiency in Delaware government. Being the catalyst means providing quality information, solutions, and critiques to Delaware government spending and policy decisions in an effort to improve the lives and liberty of Delawareans.

The mission of the Caesar Rodney Institute (CRI) is to influence public policy in Delaware by helping every Delawarean understand and put into practice the fundamentals of a free society: individual initiative, personal responsibility, private property, voluntary agreements, informed choice, the rule of law, and strong local communities.

Much of the State's potential is going unrealized due primarily to a declining awareness of solutions to issues based on individual initiative, personal responsibility, and informed choice. It is clear that Delaware needs a strong voice to research and propose new roles for a constitutionally limited government that is less intrusive, less costly, more enabling of individual initiative, more open, and more responsive to the needs of the individual.

The Caesar Rodney Institute will inform Delawareans of alternate public policy solutions, publish reliable performance metrics for evaluating public policy solutions, and work to increase every citizen's influence over public policy decisions that directly impact their personal situation.

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