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Feds Picking Your Pocket Again

    Delaware utility bills are headed up by over $650 a year thanks to multiple new federal regulations on power plants.  Industries will see rates almost double.  The total impact on electricity and natural gas bills are expected to hit a billion dollars a year by 2020, and...[read more]
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We've given Bloom Energy $78 million and we're not done

Delaware taxpayers gave Bloom Energy about $24 million in development subsidies to build their manufacturing facility for fuel cells. We've forked over another $54 million in premiums on our electric bills through October 31, 2014.  That was enough to pay the entire cost of building the manufac...[read more]

Delaware's Carbon Tax Cost to rise 5X, Doesn't Help the Environment

Reports from RGGI Inc., the group that runs the carbon permit auctions for the nine-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, support our contention the program is not helping the environment but will dramatically increase electric rates by five fold.   ·     ...[read more]

Join Our Letter Writing Campaign: End Delaware's Carbon Tax!

Delaware families and businesses currently pay 25% more for electricity than the national average. A lot of this difference is because Delaware is a part of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative- our own carbon tax. Late last year DNREC, under the leadership of  then-Secretary Colin O'Mar...[read more]
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To Drill or Not to Drill?

A new study1 (click the link below) should act as a conversation starter about drilling for oil and gas off the Atlantic coast. The U.S. Department of Interior is considering offering lease sales off the Atlantic seaboard for oil and gas production in 2018. The leases would be offered fo...[read more]
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We Need Diversity in our Fuel Choices

Reliable, low cost electric power is critical to maintaining economic growth and our quality of life. Life expectancy has doubled, and the economy has grown eight-fold since 1900 with both directly linked to the growth of the electric industry. The effect is being replicated in developin...[read more]

The EPA's Clean Power Plan Will Hurt Delaware

Residential electric bills will increase almost $270 a year, and some large industrial customers will see an increase of over $3 million a year if a proposal by the Environmental Protection Agency to limit carbon dioxide emissions is adopted. The EPA envisions a $25 per ton carbon tax will be...[read more]
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Delaware Needs More Natural Gas

Delawareans pay a $400 million a year premium in energy costs that drain discretionary income from the economy, and discourage business expansion. Indeed, industry has left the state because of the high cost of energy. High electric and natural gas prices may be the biggest hurdle to job...[read more]
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New Carbon Reduction Rules on Power Plants are Worthless

The Environmental Protection Agency has become one more political tool in the Obama Administration’s war on coal fired electric generation. The most likely result of the EPA carbon reduction plan is; no actual reduction, a $50 billion a year national carbon tax, and reduced electric gri...[read more]
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New Delaware Carbon Rules to Increase Electric Bills

Two auctions have been held for carbon dioxide emission allowances since rule changes were implemented by the state, and we are enroute to increasing residential electric bills by $40 to $70 a year. Electric bills for the largest industrial and commercial customers could rise by over $1 milli...[read more]

Gas Tax Increase Not Needed

            The Governor would like to pass a ten cent per gallon increase to the Motor Fuels Tax to raise $50 million a year and link the tax rate to future inflation. Legislated tax increases are a far better way to maintain spending di...[read more]
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War on Coal Threatens Electric Grid Reliability

First Energy CEO, Anthony Alexander, reported at a US Chamber of Commerce speech on April 8, an Ohio generating plant that ran flat out this winter to keep up with electric demand from unusually cold temperatures will be shut down before next winter. Further, First Energy, the largest electri...[read more]

How Delaware can get its money for the waterways without raising taxes

            Switching RGGI auction revenue from the Sustainable Energy Utility to the General Fund could provide $107 million for waterway remediation over the next five years. This source will be generating $28 million a year by 2017, up from l...[read more]

Natural Gas Pipeline Infrastructure is Needed Now

The Problem Delaware residents and businesses are paying a premium for energy and it is hurting our economy. Families have less discretionary income and businesses hesitate to expand here or locate here and some have left. According to the US Energy Information Agency, Delaware resident...[read more]

Aggressive Taxation Threatens Incorporation Goose

            Aggressive state actions on Corporate Franchise Fees and Abandoned Property collection on out-of-state companies may kill the Golden Goose that is providing one-third of state revenue in Delaware. The Markell Administration ha...[read more]
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