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New Castle Co, Wilmington economic plans are a good start

This article originally appeared in The News Journal as a Delaware Voice opinion editorial on November 18, 2014. The link is:   New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon and Wilmington Mayor Dennis Williams are to be congratulated for allowing consultants to produce ...[read more]

April Fool's Day Joke or Cruel Reality?

Today is April Fools’ Day (origin somewhat vague, but going back as far as Roman times). Test your Delaware knowledge by determining whether each item below is an April Fools hoax or true:       1.     Delaware has the lowest SAT scores in the n...[read more]

Time to Fade Away

Dear Friends, Associates, and Donors:   As of the close of business today, Friday, August 2, 2013 my tenure with the Caesar Rodney Institute ends. After five and a half years of affiliation serving as a Founding Director, Chairman & CEO and most recently, as acting Executive Vice Presid...[read more]
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Meet the Scientists who are not on the Climate Change Bandwagon

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE There is much concern over rising sea levels and disappe...[read more]
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Save the Date

Please plan to join us for an exciting evening  Our Fourth Annual Dinner Celebrating the Founding of the Caesar Rodney Institute   Wednesday Evening - March 21, 2012 Dover Downs Hotel and Casino Dover, Delaware
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Removing the Incumbent Protection Plan

Removing the Incumbent Protection Plan   Of the many bills that come before any state legislature, there are certain bills that can reasonably be classified as “common sense bills.” Senate Bill 20, currently awaiting consideration by the Delaware General Assembly, is one such bi...[read more]
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Beau Biden picks politically-connected law firm to defend DPC, DPC officials in federal whistleblow

 Beau Biden picks politically-connected law firm to defend DPC, DPC officials in federal whistleblower lawsuit   Experts say the legal fees could cost Delaware taxpayers considerably more than the $1 million demanded in the lawsuit. By Lee Williams   Attorney General Beau Biden c...[read more]
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The Discretion to Save

In 2007 and 2008 Congressman Mike Castle’s congressional office budget, like the budgets for other members of Congress was over $1.3 million each year.   Each member of Congress can use these funds at his or her discretion. The funds are used to cover staff salaries, transportation t...[read more]
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Improving Public Perception

Improving Public Perception   It is easy for Americans to lose faith in their elected officials. The constant stream of stories of abuse of power, breaking of the public trust and seemingly backwards priorities fuels the nation’s perception of lawmakers.   Certainly, there are ...[read more]
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Legislative Check Book

Delaware taxpayers will pay more than $3,374,786 to our 62 legislators in 2009. To view the full report and a listing of total pay and reimbursements by legislator, please open the .pdf file at the bottom of this page.   Through Freedom of Information Act requests, the Caesar Rodne...[read more]
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Center for Fiscal Accountability

2009 State Legislative Spending Transparency Efforts (preliminary list)
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Making Transparency a Reality

st1:*{b...[read more]
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Accountability Begins Now

With transparency comes accountability. "Accountability Begins Now" details the benefits from open and transparent government in Delaware and gives a thorough synopsis of transparency initiatives throughout the country.
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