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Survey Results Show Delawareans Want Education Reform

Many state legislators in Delaware have chosen to be joined at the hip with the Delaware public teachers union. This is in part because of the generous campaign contributions bestowed each year by the union to political candidates that see the world the way the union does. Changing sentiment among...[read more]
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State Regulatory Burdens: How Does Delaware Compare?

The recovery from the 2008-2009 recession has been the longest and weakest since WWII. Typically an upswing in domestic real investment initiates a recovery. The two main components of real investment are residential housing and nonresidential (business) investment. The bursting of the housing bub...[read more]

Delaware's Disappearing Labor Force

The Liberty Foundation of Oklahoma ( today released data on the labor force participation rates from 1999 through 2013 for all states. The trends in Delaware are disturbing (click on the link below for the depressing statistics).   The participation in the labor for...[read more]
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Dr. John Stapleford's Presidential Address

Dr. John Stapleford, taking over as CRI's new President, spoke to Dace Blaskovitz on "Money and Politics in Delaware" about his new role as CRI's president and on what was going on with the state's economy. The show airs Saturdays from 9-10 on 1450 AM and 1410 AM.  ...[read more]

Delaware's economic growth lags behind neighbors

What do the numbers on Delaware’s production tell us about the effectiveness of the state’s economic policies?       Delaware’s economic growth rate, as measured by growth in gross state product (GSP) in chained 2009 dollars, has lagged behind the nation...[read more]

Delaware's Tax Rates Out of Order

When a state taxes something there will be less of it and when it rewards something there will be more of it. Delaware’s tax structure heavily taxes those who are most likely to create sustainable economic growth and new jobs, but rewards businesses like Fisker Automotive who receive generou...[read more]

Getting a foot in the door via apprenticeship

The recovery of employment since the 2008 crisis has been unusually slow. The unemployment rate has at last dropped below 7 percent because many have left the labor force. Total employment is still below its 2007 level. Persistent unemployment can be due to structural causes. For example, con...[read more]

Real Steps to Increase Jobs

            Delaware’s Goods Producing sector, like manufacturing and construction, declined 24% from pre-recession levels to 2012! The rest of the country was only down 2% and is on the way to full recovery. There are policy b...[read more]

Floundering in a Sea of Anecdotes

The data shows that Delaware's economy is still floundering. While employment is starting to pick up, the unemployment rate is stuck at twice the historic average. And this despite the labor force dropping by more than 6,500 persons since the beginning of 2013. Transfer payments remain the driving...[read more]

How the Prevailing Wage Law Stopped Progress

Recently, with encouragement from the County Executive, Tom Gordon, the New Castle County Council voted 7 to 6 against using a $100,000 contribution from the Friends of Rockwood to renovate the county-owned Rockwood Mansion. The argument was that such construction repairs should be subject to Dela...[read more]

Invest in Delaware's Future

No other organization in Delaware does what we do at the Caesar Rodney Institute: provide in-depth, non-partisan analyses of public policy issues and advocate in Dover for better policies related to economics, the state budget, energy issues and education policy. Every day CRI makes a difference i...[read more]

How Bad is Delaware's Labor Market?

Across a variety of measures, Delaware's labor market is hurting. First, the state's official unemployment rate is 7.2%, double the historic average of 3.5%. This means 32,000 persons have actively looked for a job in the past four weeks without success. Five years ago this group totaled 15...[read more]
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The Government is Playing Games With Employee Retirement Benefits

The retirement benefits of Delaware state and local government employees are at risk. The governments of both the state and New Castle County have been playing financial games with their employee's pension funds, but the chickens are coming home to roost.   For more than two years groups li...[read more]

With All Due Respect to Alan Levin

March 28, 2013  I appreciate Delaware Director of Economic Development (DEDO) Alan Levin's recent response in the News Journal to my assessment of the condition and immediate future of the Delaware economy ("Writer Misrepresents Delaware's Economic Health" March 15, News Journal)....[read more]

Updated Transparent Delaware data

Thanks to the generous support of CRI donors and the professional cooperation of the Delaware Office of Management and Budget, the payroll and vendor data in Transparent Delaware has been updated to include 2011. A review of the data shows that some things continued and some things changed substan...[read more]
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