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Look to the Indian Health Services for the Future of Government-Paid and Run Healthcare

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4      It appears more and more each day that the ultimate goal of the ACA is the institution of a single payer national healthcare...[read more]

The Bitter Pill

As the "train wreck" of ACA unfolds, at every level we are facing disappointment.  We were promised that 700,000 Americans with pre-existing conditions would become insurable five years ago.  Approximately 1/10 of those actually became insured.  The predictable cost to t...[read more]

The tragedy of the "Obamacare" rollout

The news is that the rollout of Obamacare is a disaster, and by any measure widely known it is just that, a screw-up. Do you remember Ali getting destroyed by Frasier in the first few rounds? The strategy became known as Rope-a-Dope. Ali won. We can learn from Ali and history. This &quo...[read more]

My Calling will Become a Trade

Soon in this country there will be two types of medical providers: those who demand fee-forservice, and those who will see as many patients as possible to make as much money as possible. In one case those with affluence will still see medical providers quickly, while everyone else will have t...[read more]

Dr. Casscells presentation to Bastiat Society July 2013

This is the presentation he gave on July 11, 2013 to the Wilmington chapter of the Bastiat Society.
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Your DNA and Your Healthcare

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE The Supreme Court ruled that law enforcement can routinely obtain your DNA as if it were fingerprints. Are you aware that fingerprints are required of all doctors in Delaware an...[read more]

Who is at Fault for High Healthcare Costs?

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE      I want to point out an article by Elisabeth Rosenthal  in the New York Times "The $2.7 trillion Medical Bill" ( wh...[read more]

Full CMS Medicare report

This is the full 2013 Medicare report from the CMS Medicare Board of Trustees. This document outlines the current state of Medicare and the future of Medicare/Medicaid, as studied by insurance actuaries working with or for CMS.

Say Goodbye to Medicare and Private Health Insurance

           When Paul Ryan proposed Medicare entitlement reform, there were advertisements showing him dumping an elderly woman out of a wheelchair over a cliff. These were run by the Democratic National Committee to demonize the efforts of the...[read more]

Healthcare Costs for Families- A Looming Financial Disaster

The Affordable Care Act was passed with the intent of insuring 700,000 uninsured and functionally cost-prohibitively uninsurable patients because of pre-existing conditions. By the end of 2012, 78,000 were insured. The AP reported last week over 100,000 were insured via the program at the end of Feb...[read more]

Delaware Cannot Manage a Single-Payer Healthcare System

A press release by State Reps. John Kowalko and Earl Jacques (“State Should Move to Single-Payer”, News Journal, 12/11/12) supporting a single-payer healthcare system for Delaware is intriguing, but it incorrectly assumes the economic world is stagnant. They think the insurance indust...[read more]

Heed the Warnings and Fear Nothing

10/25/2012   The core argument upon which the health care political campaigns rest is based on mis-information, emotion, jealousy, greed, fear and empty promises. It is a perfect political issue. One side professes to provide free health care for all, forever with no cost to the user (unless ...[read more]
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Why Can't We Fix Health Care?

10/23/2012   Healthcare reform is a very complicated issue, filled with questionable motivations, many special interests, a lack of funding with a distorted supply/demand ratio, and plenty of hyperbole just for good measure.            ...[read more]
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The Truth About Health Care Affordability

9/11/2012   With the elevation of Paul Ryan to the national stage, the debate about national healthcare policy is front and center. At the core of the debate is affordability. The 2010 healthcare reform legislation known as the "Affordable Care Act", or "Obamacare" by its ...[read more]
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The Health Care Debate at the Supreme Court

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the Supreme Court heard oral arguments over the constitutionality of the PPACA, the patient protection and affordable care act.  This is President Barack Obama’s centerpiece legislation of his political career and in many ways defines his presidency. What th...[read more]
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