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Dr. Bart Danielsen presentation Part 1

Attached is the first half of Dr. Danielsen's presentation made at CRI's Sixth Annual Dinner on May 22, 2014 in Wilmington, DE. The theme is on the correlation between good schools in urban areas and environmental benefits when there are good schools in inner-city areas.   Please watch...[read more]
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Dr. Bart Danielsen presentation Part 2

Attached is the second half of Dr. Danielsen's presentation made at CRI's Sixth Annual Dinner on May 22, 2014 in Wilmington, DE. The theme is on the correlation between good schools in urban areas and environmental benefits when there are good schools in inner-city areas.   Watch the conclu...[read more]
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Jim Hosley on Choice Media TV

Watch the video on "Choice Media Reform School" episode from June 9 2014 featurng Jim Hosley.

House Bill to Offer Parents Educational Choice for Their Children Introduced

Dover, DE – A bill to offer parents an opportunity to provide a quality education for their children, regardless of the parent's income status, has been introduced and assigned to the House Education Committee. The bill, known as HB 353, The Parent Empowerment Education Savings Account Act...[read more]

Support for Common Core Falls Around the Nation

As more and more moms, dads, and teachers around America find out exactly what Common Core is, they are increasingly becoming skeptical of this new government education program.   Thirty-four the original 45 states which adopted Common Core1 have more than 120 bills in the legislative pro...[read more]

The Misdirected Fear and Loathing of Charter Schools

  It is the time of year when those who fear and loathe charter schools blame them for the problems of the traditional public school system.   Two years ago they opposed the expansion of a successful charter to include a high school. Last year they passed legislation that created rule...[read more]

State Education Trends Academic Performance and Spending over the Past 40 Years

*this article is a special from the March 18, 2014 Policy Analysis on Education by Andrew J. Coulson for the CATO Institute. The full study is in the "download document here" tab below. Click the link to view the full study. Pages 12-13 deal directly with Delaware, so make sure you read th...[read more]
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New Research Confirms Delaware's Poor Performance in Education

New research2  shows no correlation between spending and performance;    “. . . essentially no link between state education spending (which has exploded) and the performance of students at the end of high school (which has generally stagnated or declined).”   De...[read more]

Delaware Needs a New Direction in Early Education

Early education is again a hot topic. Will renewed interest, eloquent language, and touching photo ops lead to children better prepared for school? Or, should there be a new direction?   Advocates argue early education ensures a better quality education benefiting of none more than low-inco...[read more]
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Good Reporting Needed in our Education System

All the rhetoric that glitters is not gold. The condition of public education in Delaware is not golden. The lack of progress penalizes children yet the failure is now positioned as "unleashing potential" -- families and taxpayers continue to wait for fulfillment of promises made almost ...[read more]

SPECIAL RELEASE:Expanding Educational Opportunity in Delaware: A Primer on Scholarship Tax Credits

The Caesar Rodney Institute is announcing the publication of a new white paper by Jim Hosley, Director of the Center for Education Excellence at the Caesar Rodney Institute, and Jason Bedrick, Policy Analyst at the Center for Education Freedom at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.   ...[read more]
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Education Highlights for Week of November 18

Low Family Incomes Prevent many Black and Hispanic students from Realizing Dr. King’s Dream   Low family incomes deprive many Black and Hispanic students of the ability to realize the dream because even after a half century since Dr. King’s famous “I Have a Dream” sp...[read more]

Should Reach Academy Be Given Another Chance?

Reach Academy for Girls will close and that is sad.   Reach is the only all-girl charter school in the state. Delaware families reflecting a growing trend to select alternatives to traditional public schools and single-sex schools, 1 decided all-girl Reach Academy was best for the...[read more]

Education News Week of November 11

  Suburban Colorado school district reform challenges status quo   Conventional wisdom is that efforts to reform schools are in large urban areas with high levels of poverty, dismal academic achievement and reform debates that tend to result in the continuation of union influence and ...[read more]

Education News Highlights for week of November 4th

Ravitch: Warns of Pearson’s expanding role in education   Dr. Ravitch asks, “Are we prepared to hand over our children, our teachers, and our definition of knowledge to Pearson.”   A number of years ago she was told during in an interview about standardized testing,...[read more]
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