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About the Internship and Jobs Program
The Caesar Rodney Institute seeks ambitious students who would like to sharpen their writing, debating, researching, media and event-organizing skills while learning more about state and local government.
If you have a strong interest in political science, public policy, economics, business, history, journalism or communications, we encourage you to apply for an internship. The ideal intern has above-average writing and/or editing skills and a basic understanding of current events; knowledge of contemporary Delaware history is helpful. A valued quality is an appreciation for - and understanding of - individual liberty, the free market, property rights, and limited government.
Intern responsibilities may include: writing for publication, light public policy research, administrative tasks, editing Institute publications and event planning. Internship hours are flexible; they can be tailored to fit school, athletic and work schedules.
Internships are unpaid positions; however, the Caesar Rodney Institute will, to the best of its ability, work with those students who wish to receive academic credit for their internship. Additionally, CRI offers its assistance in obtaining internships with market-oriented organizations in Washington, DC and around the country. Further, the Institute will provide information about seminars and scholarship opportunities open to students interested in the principles of liberty.
To receive more information about the internship program and the Caesar Rodney Institute, please call  (302) 23-0080 or send an e-mail to
The Caesar Rodney Institute seeks out interested candidates for part or full time positions to help the Institute advance its mission and presence in Delaware.
We are currently seeking a Development Director with the right experience and personality to begin relationships with new donors and to maintain older ones. If you believe you have the connections and the experience to help us fill this position, please send your cover letter and resume to: You may address all cover letters to Joseph Oddo, Director of Operations.
To receive more information about working for the Caesar Rodney Institute or to inquire about the positions available, please call  (302) 273-0080 or send an e-mail to
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